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About the Consulate General of Israel in Houston

The Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest is the official representative of the State of Israel to the Southwest.

We serve as liaison between the residents of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma and the State of Israel. 

Why LatinTech Pitch?

Every year the consulate works to honor the Latino community, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month. The importance of the Hispanic community in Texas is significant with a profound impact on our shared history, culture, and economy. As this community continues to grow, it is an important mission of ours to connect and engage; building on all of the shared values between Israel and Hispanic Americans.  This year, Israel celebrates its 75th Independence Day and our focus will be highlighting the bilateral relations between the United States and Israel. 


The best way to celebrate and cultivate this relationship is by fostering innovation.  We want to share our passion and knowhow in the high tech sector to help engage and promote success with the developing Hispanic startup scene in Texas.  We are excited to see how our partnership can bring more Latino lead innovation in our region.  

Our Partners

to bring your start-up to the next level
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